Worship Ministry

At Loveland Naz, one of our core values is passionate worship. Our worship ministry exists to help live out that value by adhering toThe Core Four: the four pillars we focus on to guide our corporate times of worship.


We are passionate in the way we worship. At every gathering, we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross. Our most genuine response to this sacrifice is passionate praise and hope in our hearts. 



Excellence honors God and inspires people.  When we gather together to worship, we recognize that our Father in Heaven sent us His very best in His Son and this compels us to offer nothing but our best to Him in return. 



We honor God and honor people.  First and foremost, our goal is to bring worship to God that is only deserving of a King: worship that will reach the throne of heaven and please God.  Second, we look for ways to honor and serve those in our congregation.  We are called to love God and love people and we treat honor in a very similar way.


It’s not about you; it’s all about Jesus. Worship is never about what we can get out of it, but about giving Jesus the honor and praise that He deserves. We do not leave any room for pride or personal preference in our gatherings. This is why you will experience a great variety of music: it is common that we sing from the latest Hillsong album as well as your favorite hymn all during the same gathering. Whatever shows on the screen, our eyes will be fixed on Jesus.

What to Expect


As a member of the worship ministry, you'll be part of a wonderful community of talented musicians who use their abilities to praise God.  


Worship Team

We work hard throughout the week to learn music and rehearse as to make sure it is cohesive.  You will have access to your individual part from the album track to each song we play every week for personal rehearsal.  We utilize a click track on the majority of our songs. 



The Loveland Naz choir performs twice annually: Christmas and Easter. These exciting productions include weekly rehearsals leading up to the event.

Ready to get involved?


Contact Michael Reddy to begin the audition process.