Loveland Naz is a family of believers seeking God, loving people, and serving our community.

Seeking God

We believe that the message of Jesus Christ is timeless, applicable to our lives and everything we do. We use our time together on Sunday mornings and throughout the week to grow deeper in our understanding of who He is, what His Word says, and how we can use it to grow deeper in our relationship with Him. In the same way, our church leadership is committed to seeking Him first for all guidance and direction. 

Loving People

You and your family are important to God, and you are important to us. We want to help each other become the people God created us to be, and that begins with loving one another. 


At Loveland Naz, this means if someone tells you they’ll pray for you — they mean it. If you need someone to talk to — you’ll find it. We are grounded in relationship: walking through life’s ups and downs together, holding each other accountable, and selflessly serving one another.

Serving Our Community

The Church is much more than just four walls on Sunday mornings. Jesus calls us to care for the needs of others — physical, emotional, and spiritual. We believe in investing in the Loveland community and surrounding areas in order to display the love of Jesus to Northern Colorado in tangible ways.